If you have been looking over internet for metric conversion methods, you most definitely are not along like a lot of individuals are looking for the exact same either for their work or for personal use. If we discuss health care sector, metric system is very essential. Every individual employs certain metric system these days all around the globe, even when they visit certain country's which employ metric system of conversion.

In most cases, weights are calculated by kilograms and pounds. Generally weight of the individual is usually expressed in kilograms, but nowadays many people take advantage of pounds so as to tell weight. Many a times in gym too, you need to convert pounds to kilograms when you are lifting weights to be able to know how hard you have been working out. Kilograms are basically used to measure weight of heavier objects and are represented as "kg" whereas a pound is represented as "lb."
It is very important for you to know that when you are on diet, how much of your whole body weight has been cut down and how much is your body muscle and fat. Right here metric conversion tools becomes very useful. Nowadays many medical treatment dosages are in kilograms than in pounds. So it will be better if you know how to convert pounds to kilograms, hence in this article I will show you how this conversion is done.

Fundamental Principle
There are exactly 2.2 pounds in each 1 kilogram.

This is the basic fundamental rule of conversion which will never change. If you are able to grasp this rule and remember this forever, consider 90% of the conversion is already done. All you need do now is apply it in practical life and do the conversion.

Multiplication method
Let us use mathematical equation to do the effective conversion of pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg). It can be done using multiplication technique.

According to basic rule:
- 2.2 lbs = 1 kg
Hence 1lbs = (1/2.2) kg ' 0.45 kg
Thus if your weight is 100 lbs, you just have to multiply 100 by 0.45 and it will give you your weight in kg. = 100 X 0.45 ' 45 kg
Hence you have successfully converted 100 lbs to 45 kg

Division Method
Conversion to pounds to kilograms again can be done using division method. This is also done by using mathematical equations.

According to primary rule:
- 1 kg = 2.2 lbs
Hence diving 1kg /2.2 = 1lbs
Thus if your weight is 100 lbs, in order to get your weight in kg, then divide 100lbs / 2.2 will give you your weight in kg. = 100 / 2.2 ' 45 kg
Hence you have successfully converted 100 lbs to 45 kg again

Now, every time you visit your doctor next, make sure that you are able to convert your weight either way, when they make you stand on the weighing machine
Just remember the simple formula and you will discover how easy it will be to convert pounds to kilograms and subsequently find the right usage of medication.